1.       Do not be late for class.
2.       Bow when you enter or leave the Dojang (Training Hall).
3.       Be in proper uniform before entering the Dojang.
4.       Ask permission to join or leave a class that is outside your regular scheduled time.
5.       Address your instructor as Sir/ Ma’am/ Master/ Sa Bom Nim or Ko Sa Nim at all times.
6.       Put your hand up if you have a question.
7.       Respect your friends and classmates.
8.       Profanity will not be tolerated in class.
9.       Never disturb the class and excuse yourself if your activity will disrupt the class.
10.   When you meet your master or senior student, bow to them at all times.
11.   Out shoes are not permitted into the Dojang but Taekwondo shoes may be worn.
12.   Uniforms must be kept neat and clean.
13.   Only white T-shirts may be worn under the uniform.
14.   Bring your membership card to every class for attendance.
15.   Leave all personal items in the locker room. Only shoes may be left in the hall area.
Failure to follow the code of conduct may result in expulsion

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